Talk Therapy

With adults and youth (approximately 12+ years old), interventions generally occur verbally through talk therapy. My approach is attachment-based and trauma-informed, meaning that I value safety, transparency, collaboration and client empowerment in the therapy process. As a result, my clients feel engaged, informed, secure, brave and motivated to work toward their goals.

I work collaboratively with clients to understand their concerns, develop treatment goals, select therapeutic approaches to address these concerns, and check in regularly on treatment progress.

You will often see me checking in during sessions and in between to ensure we are on track and that therapy is working for you. Otherwise, we will make the necessary adjustments to get back on track.

I am available for both virtual sessions as well as in-person appointments at my office in Barrhaven. Clients are able to securely book their sessions through my virtual client portal (available to current and past clients only).

Interested in working together? Consider scheduling a free and no-obligation virtual meet and greet appointment to see if we would be a good fit!