Contacting Me

It’s best to contact me by email or phone to set up a mutually-beneficial time to speak on the phone. I begin with a confidential and commitment-free, 20-minute phone call  so that I can hear more about the concern(s) and ensure that my services are the best fit. This also provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and hear about the services I offer and my approach, in order to determine if you’re interested in moving forward. After that, I will schedule an initial session within a week’s time.

The First Session

The first session should be attended only by the parents if the child is under 12 years old. Otherwise, the child should attend the first session. Policies and family history will be reviewed during this session.


For most clients, each session lasts 45 minutes and costs $130 (including HST). I accept payment by cash, cheque or etransfer. I do not accept payment by debit or credit card.


Counselling and psychotherapy services are generally NOT covered through OHIP. However, the fee is covered by most insurance companies, but please check with your provider to see the type of coverage you can claim under your plan.

Please ask what kind of service providers your plan will cover:

  • If your plan covers services provided by Canadian Certified Counsellors or Registered Psychotherapists, it will recognize my credentials.
  • If your plan cover services provided by a Clinical Psychologist, my practice can be supervised by a Psychologist with the client’s consent. This means that services are overseen by a psychologist, who would co-sign the receipts that would be submitted to your insurance provider.

Please remember! You can also use any medical receipts that have not been reimbursed by health plans to receive deductions on your taxes.